Refining and Trading

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Optimising crude and feedstock

  • physically trades more than 8 million barrels per day of crude oil
  • 150+ oil tankers on time charter
  • 2700+ spot charter voyages in 2017

Safely operating refineries

Worldwide, we operate 14 refineries in 8 different countries with a refining capacity of 2.9 million barrels (includes Shell equity share in other interests).

Making products the world needs

Each day Shell refineries manufacture enough

  • gasoline to fuel 2.1 million cars
  • diesel to fill up 650,000 commercial trucks
  • aviation fuel for 335 commercial airplanes
  • marine fuel for 250 large container ships

Delivering what customers need

  • physically delivers more than 6 million barrels of refined products per day to third party customers and Shell's marketing businesses
  • with more than 125 Shell and JV distribution terminals in around 25 countries and 100s of outside supply points we deliver globally, including the majority of the 44,000 Shell retail stations